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But in practice, the situation is somewhat different: the land passes into the common shared ownership of the residents after the land plot is put on the state cadastral register and its borders are formed. If the site is not registered, then it is the property of the municipality

In fact, residents of no more than 1% of the capital's apartment buildings were able to issue a shared ownership of a plot under an apartment building. The process of registration of such land plots is hampered by the Moscow authorities. Why?

Because we have already said that the city authorities consider the territory as their own business.

Earlier, during the construction of apartment buildings in Moscow, it was generally about renting a building plot for 49 years.

Then they started talking about the fact that the owners of an apartment building have the right to register the land as property. Many houses are still on leased land. And there are projects where the land is owned by the developer.


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