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A Russian-speaking young man in a gray suit came up to the table and tried to calm the audience. After listening to the harsh demands of the immediate change of the dealer, he dismissed both the girl and the boy inspector and stood at the table himself

The audience did not react in any way to the fact that now the game is played by a person who occupies a leading position in the hierarchy of the casino. No one felt respect for his jacket. All the same monotonous muttering about the hands, face and relatives of the newly granted dealer did not stop for a second: either subsided a little, then flared up with renewed vigor, depending on the payments taking place at the table.

The guy in the jacket abstracted from everything around, showing with his whole appearance

In the meantime, my stock of chips has dwindled a bit. Nothing worthy of good pay came to me, and I didn’t see combinations better than a couple of tens in an hour of play. And now, having opened the cards, I find a pair of aces there!

Despite the fact that it is forbidden (looking at other people's cards, as well as exchanging information about your cards is strictly forbidden!), I am happy to share the joy of a neighbor at the table who has a pair of kings. His comrade also has a king, but at the same time there is also some kind of small pair.


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